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Medical Technology Supplies, LLC, is a full-service provider of pharmacy supplies.   With 10 years experience in the Pharmacy field, MTS has helped pharmacies to serve their patients better, and more efficiently.  We do this by designing, manufacturing, and distributing items specifically for the pharmacy industry.  MTS offers VIALS, BOTTLES, BAGS, NEW PHARMACY KITS, COUNTER SUPPLIES, and packaging supplies for all types of pharmacy  needs, including:

· Retail

· Hospital

· Mail Order

Our company has prospered through manufacturing and distribution.  MTS MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIES, LLC . was created with the intent of creating a one-stop shop for pharmacy supplies. MTS is the one-stop shop for packaging and supplies for any pharmacy need.  The success of our company began with a simple slogan that still holds true today, "Service , Quality, Value."

MTS Mission is to manufacture and distribute quality products that support and satisfy our customers' and consumers' needs. Productively promoting innovative products that adhere to our Three basic business principles – quality, value and service will make MTS the leading Pharmacy Supply company in the SouthEast .

MTS vision is to create and foster an organization and an environment capable of supporting our customers' requirements – providing them with high quality, innovative, value oriented products and service. 

Since its inception, MTS has  adhered to three basic business principles – quality, value and service. In achieving success in these areas the company has followed the fundamental tenets set forth by our founder, namely – honesty, hard work and perseverance.

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